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Ice Like Fire by Sarah Raasch (Ice Like Fire book 2)

SPOILER ALERT! If you haven’t read the first book the series, Snow Like Ashes, Stop! I don’t want to ruin one of my favorite series for you.

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Three months have passed since both Meira and Mather’s worlds were turned upside down when Sir told the truth about who they really were. Meira is the true heir of Winter whereas Mather is really the son of Sir(William), Hannah’s guard and his wife Allyson. Both are struggling to accept the roles they were handed and overcoming the lies of the past. The kingdom of Cordell is aiding Winter to regain its footing since the defeat of King Angra of Spring. Since King Noam of Cordell nullified the engagement between Prince Theron and Meira, Winter’s repayment for accepting Cordell’s help is to locate the lost chasm of magic beneath the Season Kingdoms, as well as jewels mined during the search. Theron is not ready to give up on Meira. Mather hasn’t talked to her since their return to Winter but he still loves the girl he grew up with.

Finn and Greer searched throughout Primoria to see if they could find evidence of Angra’s survival. The appearance of two Winterians in the Rhythm Kingdoms of Yakim and Ventralli was noticed. The queens from both kingdoms sent gifts to Meira to congratulate Winter on its victory over Spring. They also issued invites for Meira to visit each of their kingdoms. Greer speculates that with Noam’s hands in both Autumn and Winter, Spring would be an easy conquest. He believes that Angra is nowhere in Primoria. Everyone on Meira’s Winterian council believes Angra to be dead. Knowing that a ruler becomes the conduit when the Royal Conduit is broken in defense of a kingdom, Meira fears that Angra is alive and now holds Spring’s magic, just as she does Winter’s. If he does, she is terrified that the Decay would become limitless.

When Meira infuses magic into her subjects upon the opening of the Tadil Mine, she has already grown weary of the process. She fears magic will once again become uncontrollable and the Decay will become rampant if the chasm is found. When an explosion occurs shortly after, she and the council rush to see the damage. A miner resurfaces with the news that they believe the lost chasm has been found. Meira’s dead mother, who is able to communicate with her now that Meira is Winter’s conduit, cannot believe that they were so close to finding it before being conquered by Spring. Everyone enters the mine and finds the other miners standing outside of a chamber. Meira enters and sees that Theron has come with her into the chamber. Seeing that there is a door in the chamber, she and Theron examine it. They see three symbols with a keyhole under each. The words, ”Order of the Lustrate”, are carved on the door. Fearing what Noam will do now that the chasm has been located, she is dismayed to see Theron is excited over the find. Trying to get away from Theron, the two trip and fall, touching the door. When they touch it, Meira finds that a burning heat consumes the ice that is usually in her veins. Unable to communicate with her mother, Meira sees that Theron is unaffected. Screaming in pain, she blacks out. While out, Meira gets a glimpse of what may have happened to Theron while he was held prisoner by Angra in Abril. Angra remarks that his father won’t save him. He and Theron are more alike than he realizes. Theron screams that he didn’t kill her.

Meira awakes in a small room watched over by Theron and Sir. She tries to tell them about the chasm being dangerous and it shouldn’t be opened. Theron disagrees and says that is exactly what needs to occur. Wondering if what she dreamed about his interaction with Angra, Meira suddenly finds her magic gathering and this time she is unable to control it. It strikes Sir and his strength causes him to break the door off the hinges. He asks her why she did that and Meira says that her magic was affected in the chamber. Sir tells her that they will work it out and send someone else down to investigate who isn’t tied to a conduit. Meira objects that it is too dangerous but Theron is adamant that they explore it for the good of the kingdoms.

When Noam arrives in Jannuari for the payment ceremony, Meira feels as if Theron has betrayed her when he informs his father that the lost chasm has been found. Heading into the palace, Sir join them, dismayed by the turn of events. Theron tells Meira to trust him, that they need Cordell to open the door and harness the power before Angra resurfaces. Sir believes that Angra is dead. While telling his father about the find, Meira sees how excited Theron is and suddenly recalls where she saw the Order of the Lustrate before. It was in a book called The Magic of Primoria that she and Theron read back at the palace in Bithai. Meira knows that she could never recover the book with rousing Noam’s suspicions. Theron suspects that the three symbols carved in the door are clues to where the keys are hidden; the kingdoms of Summer, Ventralli and Yakim. Noam wants no one else to know about the possible link to the other kingdoms. He is sending Meira and Theron to look for a way to open the chamber. She is looking to get some answers while Theron seeks a way to unlock the door. Meira is determined to find a way to keep Winter safe.

Has the lost chasm of magic really been found? Who is the Order of the Lustrate? Can Meira and Theron find the keys? Why do the kingdoms of Ventralli and Yakim want Meira to visit? Will Meira forgive Theron for telling Noam about their discovery? What happened to Meira’s connection to Hannah when she touched the chamber door? Can Mather forgive William about lying about his parentage? What happened to Theron while he was held by Angra? What are Noam’s real motives for helping Winter? Can Meira and Mather repair their strained relationship? Who will capture Meira’s heart; Theron or Mather?

Fans will be eagerly waiting for the final book in this trilogy in 2016. In the meantime, readers can enjoy this short story, Flames Like Vines about Ceridwen on Wattpad.

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