Monday, October 12, 2015

Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo (Six of Crows book 1)

“Six dangerous outcasts. One impossible heist.”

SPOILER ALERT! If you haven’t read the Grisha trilogy, you might want to stop. Even though this is a new series, some spoilers may occur but I don't think it will ruin the enjoyment of either book for you.

Six of Crows takes place two years after the end of the Ravkan civil war, so the effects of that are still being felt throughout the world. A few characters are mentioned briefly in passing.

The Dregs are all liars, murderers and thieves. Kaz Brekker became a member when he was twelve and the gang of street urchins and hustlers were the laughing stock of Ketterdam. In the years since, Kaz has made the Dregs feared. They now have their own territory, gambling hall and the Slat, a warm, dry place to hang out if needed. Even though Per Haskell is the head of the Dregs. Kaz is the brains and brawn behind the gang.

After a successful confrontation with a rival gang over territory, Kaz walks alone through an alley. Usually aware of his surroundings, he is surprised when he is attacked by an unseen assailant. Kaz wakes up chained to a chair in a study, to his surprise. Taking in the man behind the desk in front of him, he realizes the man is Van Eck, a Kerch merchant. Van Eck tells Kaz that the Merchant Council has a proposition for him. Kaz wants to know if all Council negotiations start with a beating. Van Eck tells him to consider it both a warning and a demonstration. Kaz asks why the interest in him. In the past three years, Kaz hasn't served any time in prison. He states that he has cleaned up his act but then Van Eck calls him a liar. He continues to read through his file on Kaz, detailing his life with the Dregs while unbeknownst to him, Kaz is setting himself free from the chains. Kaz is able to vault from his chair and hold Van Eck hostage before any of his guards can react. Kaz just want someone to show him the door but Van Eck responds that he can change his mind. He calls for Mikka and Kaz sees a boy, pale as a corpse, walk through the wall. Dressed in a Grisha Tidemakers coat, Kaz thinks he has been drugged. Van Eck will explain once he has been released but Kaz refuses. Mikka is under the effects of jurda parem.. Kaz is aware that jurda is a stimulant but Van Eck warns that jurda parem is completely different and definitely not harmless. Kaz knew he had been drugged but then realizes that Van Eck is talking about the Grisha.

Van Eck explains that a scientist by the name of Bo Yul-Bayur sent a sample to the Kerch Merchant Council. He wish to defect to keep the drug out of the hand of other governments. The drug has been tested by the Council on a Grisha from each of the three orders. The drug almost acts as an amplifier, but instead of increasing their powers, it alters a Grisha’s perception. To the non-Grisha, param is lethal. A Fabrikator is able to turn lead into gold. Bo Yul-Bayur, a member of the Shu, feared the Shu government would have abused the drug and caused the world economy to collapse. The Merchant Council want Kaz to kidnap Bo Yul-Bayu,r who was seeking asylum. The government doesn't want to be tied to Bo Yul-Bayur. Kaz doesn't think he is still alive but the Council knows that that Bo Yul-Bayur is being held at the Ice Court. Kaz is ready to leave but then Van Eck offers him five million kruge. Kaz remarks that he values his life more than that. Van Eck offers 10 then 20. Kaz stops him at 20 and Van Eck doesn't look happy. He will need to convince a team into taking what is essentially a suicide mission. The Ice Court has never been breached. Van Eck states that time is of the essence and greed begin begins to speak to Kaz. He realizes that he will need a specialized team that knows they may not survive. He will have to find people outside of the Dregs. If Kaz is successful, his reputation will soar and he can be out from under Per Haskell. Kaz wants to know why Van Eck wants him for the job. Van Eck states that Kaz has the one quality he needs most in a criminal, he doesn't get caught. He also knows that Kaz was the person who robbed him of an expensive painting from his home six months earlier. Kaz admits nothing.

After seeing and hearing about the effects of jurda parem, Kaz wants 30 million kruge to do the job. He knows that the Merchant Council is desperate. The two men shake on the deal and Van Eck then asks Kaz why he wears gloves. He states that everyone has heard the stories and Kaz replies that they are all true. Leaving, Kaz knows that he is going to need more help than the Dregs can offer him. After giving Per Haskell his 20 percent of the payout, each of the six member will receive 4 million kruge if they survive. Kaz’s crew consists of “a convict with a thirst for revenge, a sharpshooter who can't walk away from a wager, runaway with a privileged past, a spy known as the Wraith, a Heartrender using her magic to survive the slums, and a  thief with a gift for unlikely escapes.” Meet the Six of Crows.

Will Kaz’s crew be able to breach the Ice Palace? Is Bo Yul-Bayur is alive? Who makes up Kaz’s crew? Can Kaz move on past his greed? Does someone else beat them to the Ice Palace? What are the Merchant Council's plans for Bo Yul-Bayur? How does the ultimate heist turn out?

Readers will be eagerly anticipating book two to see what happens to Kaz and his crew next.

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