Monday, March 8, 2010

Eternal by Cynthia Leitich Smith

A much better read than Tantalize, with a more satisfying ending to the story of Miranda and her guardian angel Zachary who fails to keep her from being turned into a vampire princess. The story of good triumphing over evil and an unending love story. Sometime in 2011 Blessed will be published which will be a crossover of the two cast of characters from Tantalize and Eternal. My guess is that Quincie is going to meet up with Zachary.

At last, Miranda is the life of the party: all she had to do was die. Elevated by none other than the King of the Mantle of Dracul, she goes from high-school theater wannabe to glamorous fiend overnight. Meanwhile, her guardian angel, Zachary, demoted to human guise as her personal assistant, has his hands full saving his girl’s soul while planning a fast-approaching Death Day gala. In alternating viewpoints, Miranda and Zachary navigate a cut-throat aristocracy as they play out a dangerous, diabolically witty love story for the ages.

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