Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Partials by Dan Wells

“The only hope for humanity isn’t human.”

The year is 2076. It has been eleven years since the Break. The human race created Partials to fight for them in the Isolation War. Stronger and faster than humans, five years after the war’s end, the Partials attempted to destroy humanity. They released the RM virus and only those humans immune survived. With only 40,000 humans left in the world, newborns are not immune and die within days of birth. The youngest human in the world will be fourteen in a month and the entire race is on the brink of extinction.

Since the Break, the world has gone from a civilized society to a “culture one step up from the Stone Age.” In an attempt to find a cure for RM and repopulate the Earth, the Senate amended the Hope Act and dropped the pregnancy age to 18. “All women of a certain age are required, by law, to get pregnant as soon as possible.” All newborns are tracked in an attempt to find a cure. For sixteen-year-old Kira Walker, a medical intern doing her rotation in the maternity ward, she sees first hand RM’s threat to the very survival of human race. When her “adoptive” sister Madison informs Kira that she and her husband are expecting, she is heartbroken. Madison wants to be a mother even if it’s for a few hours or days. Kira decides that she wants to find a cure for RM and everyone has been going about it the wrong way.

As word in East Meadow spreads about possibly lowering the pregnancy age to 16, Kira sees her future dwindling away. Unable to spend her life mourning her children that will never live, Kira sets out to find a cure for RM. In looking through the research information, Kira notices that no one has ever studied a Partial. She decides that is where her research needs to go. The head doctor at the hospital vetoes her plans saying they are too dangerous for everyone involved. He mentions that the virus could spread or the war with the Partials would be rekindled. Undeterred, Kira sets out to obtain a Partial on her own. She is able to convince Madison’s husband, Haru; a construction specialist and her military brother, Jayden to join her on a mission to retrieve a Partial for testing. Unfortunately her boyfriend Marcus stays behind but promises to keep quiet.

With a plan in place, Kira and her friends head to Manhattan in search of a Partial. Once there, they run into trouble and are quickly discovered by the Partials. Extraordinarily, the group manages to capture and subdue a Partial. Getting out of Manhattan and back to East Meadow proves difficult with a group of armed Partials giving chase. When they call for help from the Defense Grid, their gig is up. What will happen to Kira and the others when the Senate finds out what they did? Will the Senate allow the Partial to be used to find a cure for RM? Can a cure be found in time to save Madison’s baby? Will Kira be able to patch things up with Marcus? What happens when the pregnancy age is lowered? And what if everything Kira knows and believes in is a lie?

Stay tuned to learn more about Kira Walker’s continuing journey in Failsafe in 2013.

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