Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Red Pyramid: The Kane Chronicles by Rick Riordan

Book One - The Red Pyramid

It has been six years since the death of Carter and Sadie Kane’s mother. Sadie was raised by her maternal grandparents in London while Carter has literally traveled the world will their Egyptologist father. Carter and Sadie only see each other twice a year. Raised separately with very little in common, each envies the other’s lifestyle. On Christmas Eve, their father Julius takes Carter and Sadie to the British Museum for a private visit with the promise of making things right. Julius asks his children to lock the curator in his office and not to disturb him. Carter and Sadie are horrified as they watch their father summon a mysterious man who causes the Rosetta Stone to explode and banish Julius to a golden sarcophagus that disappears into the museum floor. After a visit from what seems to be Scotland Yard, Carter and Sadie are both told they are being deported. A familiar looking man comes in and tells their grandparents he will take the children back to the United States. They do not object and Cater and Sadie learn that the man is Amos, their father’s brother. They also realize that they don’t know all there is to their family and begin to learn some shocking revelations. Soon Amos whisks them to New York where they learn that their family comes from a long line of magicians. Their father was performing a forbidden ritual in an attempt to summon Osiris, the lord of the dead. Unfortunately, his actions have released the gods of Ancient Egypt and it will be up to Carter and Sadie to rectify the situation.Why were Carter and Sadie raised separately as children? What is really in the mysterious toolbox that their father always kept close at hand? What are the circumstances surrounding their mother’s death? And can Carter and Sadie rescue their father and right his wrongs?

Book Two - The Throne of Fire
Since the events of The Red Pyramid, Carter and Sadie Kane have been gathering other young magicians at the Brooklyn mansion to train them for the upcoming battle. Apophis, the Chaos snake, is rising and the Kanes have five days to stop him. In order to do that, they must revive the sun god Ra. First the book of Ra must be located and it’s in three parts. Next, they must learn to chant the spells. Finally Ra needs to be located only no one knows where he is. Once again told in alternating viewpoints between the siblings, lots of new characters are introduced in this global adventure.

The Kane Chronicles will conclude with book 3, The Serpent's Shadow on May 1, 2012.

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