Thursday, September 6, 2012

Immortal Hearts by Ellen Schreiber (Vampire Kisses book 9)

SPOILER ALERT! This is the ninth and final book in the Vampire Kisses saga!

“I will love you for all of eternity.” – Alexander Sterling

For Raven Madison, life in Dullesville is almost perfect. She is dating the vampire of her dreams; the incredibly handsome Alexander Sterling has fabulous Underworldly friends and has a sensational nightclub to dance in until dawn. The only thing missing is the fact that Alexander has yet to make Raven a vampire. Alexander’s best friend Sebastian has recently dodged Luna Maxwell’s clutches when she attempted to trick him into a commitment ceremony. Raven’s vampire friends, Scarlet and Onyx, have their sights set on guys, including Raven’s arch nemesis, Trevor Mitchell. Even though she isn’t interested I Trevor, Raven is still uneasy about him possibly dating a vampire. To top off everything, Raven’s best friend, Becky Miller, discovered he truth about vampires living in Dullesville and is slowly accepting it.

Now that life is somewhat perfect for Raven, she and Alexander are awaiting the arrival of his younger sister, Athena “Stormy” Sterling. For Raven, she is excited to finally meet her and see what being a vampire is really like. On the other hand, she is terrified that Stormy will not be accepting of her. Will Raven and Stormy hit it off or will they be at adds, with Alexander caught in the middle?

In this final chapter in the Vampire Kisses saga, will Raven’s dreams of becoming a vampire and being Alexander’s for all eternity come true or will she decide that giving up her humanity isn’t worth it?

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