Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Looking for Alaska by John Green

Miles Halter has a thing for famous last words. A social outcast at his public high school in Florida, he decides to begin his junior year at his father’s alma mater, Culver Creek Boarding School in Alabama. Hoping to start anew, Miles soon meets his new roommate, Chip “the Colonel” Martin who promptly states that he is not going to be Miles’ ticket to popularity at the Creek. The Colonel slowly shows Miles some of the ropes around campus and a friendship develop. One person the Colonel introduces Miles to turns out to be Alaska Young.

Smart, beautiful and incredibly sexy Alaska captures Miles’ attention immediately. Alaska is faithful to her boyfriend away at college but hangs out with Miles, the Colonel and their friend Takumi. Soon Miles finds himself tangled in Alaska’s labyrinth and doesn’t want to escape. With each chapter heading counting down to the unknown, the reader is left wondering what looms on the horizon.

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