Thursday, September 6, 2012

Once by Anna Carey (Eve book 2)

SPOILER ALERT! If you haven’t read the first book in the series, Eve, Stop! I don’t want to ruin a fantastic series for you!

“When you’re being hunted, who can you trust?”

Three months have passed since Eve left an injured Caleb behind to live at Califia, the all-female settlement on the other side of the Golden Gate Bridge in Marin to escape her future in New America. Having been promised to the King as his wife and the mother of his heirs, she is in hiding as he continues to search for her. Locked behind the walls of the City of Sand is what is in store for Eve if she is caught. Settling into her new life, Caleb is never far from her mind. When an unknown person is spotted on the bridge, Califia is on high alert fearing it is one of the King’s soldiers. Eve is surprised to spot her friend Arden who has finally reached the settlement.

Later that night, both girls awake to the sounds of the settlement’s founders talking downstairs. Several of the women are ready to kick Eve out because of the threat she poses to their way of life. Some of the others want to use her as a bargaining chip with the King to save Califia if it comes to that. Eve and Arden keep quiet about what they found out and begin to make plans to leave. At dinner one night, someone tells Eve that they heard word on the outside that Caleb is hurt and hiding at an IKEA store. The girls decide it is time to leave.

Eve trips and screams as they get to the end of the bridge during their escape attempt. Running for their lives, they soon reach the IKEA. Eve goes off in search of Caleb without waiting for Arden. She soon realizes that it is a trap and three soldiers await her. Both girls put up a valiant effort but are captured any way. Shortly, they find themselves at the gates to the City of Sand, the one place Eve worked so hard to avoid. From the outside, the city doesn’t live up to the girls’ expectations. Once the gate opens, they realize that they are back at their old school. Arden is quickly strapped to a gurney. Eve is given very little time to say good-bye and notices her friend Ruby. Asking about Pip, Ruby doesn’t react and Eve is loaded back on to the truck for the City of Sand.

Finally arriving at the City gates, all of Eve’s expectations are met as she enters the City. She voices her displeasure to Sergeant Stark about her treatment and he states he did what was necessary to bring her to the King. All of her suffering will never make up for Eve killing his friends. At the King’s residence, Eve looks for a way to escape but comes up empty-handed. When the King enters, Eve states that she will never bear his children. That is not what he wants and when the King reveals his true motive, Eve’s world is turned upside down.

What does the King really want Eve for? Will she ever find Caleb again? Can she rescue her friends from school? And what is in store for Eve in the City of Sand?

The Eve trilogy will conclude with Rise due out on April 2, 2013.

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