Monday, April 6, 2015

Miss Mayhem by Rachel Hawkins (Rebel Belle book 2)

SPOILER ALERT! If you haven’t read the first book in the series, Rebel Belle, Stop! I don’t want to ruin the series for you.

“Some titles aren’t won - they’re earned.”

Since the disastrous night of the Cotillion, Harper Price, David Stark and Ryan Bradshaw have been trying to fulfill the duties of the roles that have been forced upon them. David is an Oracle and his “aunt” Saylor protected him, literally with her life. When she died, she passed on her powers as Mage to Ryan. With Harper as his Paladin, a superpowered warrior, and Ryan by his side, David hasn’t had a substantial vision since that night. A spell was cast at the Cotillion that intensified his powers, which included the ability to make more Paladins. David has no idea that Harper and Ryan have been working to keep his visions to a minimum and insubstantial.

While on a “mission” to keep a couple of Harper’s friends from a less than successful future marriage, David is struck by a substantial vision. All he will tell her is that they need to go, now. Harper sends Ryan a text to meet them at the twins’ house. It is an emergency. Ryan is waiting on them when they arrive and Harper fills him in on what he has missed. She has him alter the twins’ memories so that they don’t recall witnessing David’s vision. David is in a hurry, insisting that they need to leave right away. He drives the three of them out into the country and stops where a burnt plantation home once stood. In it’s place now is a beautiful replica that Harper can sense the magic surrounding it. Turns out that David has led them to the Ephors, the very group that Saylor died to protect him from.

The three walk inside the house. They are staring at a painting when a voice behind them says that it is titled, “The Oracle Speaks”. Standing behind them is a man in his forties, dressed in a suit. He informs them that the Ephors can help David with his visions. Harper reminds them about Saylor’s warnings but David asks Alexander where Bee is. Harper’s thoughts immediately turn to her missing best friend. The four of them move into a study to talk about the vision. Alexander states that the Ephors want to help David learn about his powers as the Oracle. He notices that David has grabbed Harper’s hand and finds it interesting. No other Oracle and their Paladin had a romantic relationship. With all of the visions, there isn’t time. Harper tells Alexander that the three of them have everything under control. That’s when Alexander drops the bomb that Harper isn’t a full Paladin.

Harper must undergo the Periamos ritual. She doesn’t have a choice in the matter and her test began when she arrived. Should she fail, a new Paladin will come forth, one that has already started her training. All three turn around and see Bee walk into the room. She looks completely unharmed. They rush her and David is stricken when he realizes that he cannot see either girls’ future. Alexander says that it would be an unfair advantage during the Periamos. Harper attempts to argue but Alexander cuts her off. She will have to complete three mental or physical tests by the end of the moon cycle. Either she will live or die at the end. Bee is her replacement should she fail. If Harper is successful, Bee will no longer have her Paladin powers. David accepts Alexander’s offer of help because he feels that they really need it.

Will Harper survive the Periamos? Can David trust Alexander or will Harper’s fears come true? Who is Alexander? What visions does David have of the future? Can Harper and David’s relationship survive?

The trilogy will finish out with a third yet untitled book sometime in the future.

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