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Forged by Erin Bowman (Taken book 3)

SPOILER ALERT! If you haven’t read the first two books in the series, Taken and Frozen, Stop! I don’t want to ruin the series for you.

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“A rebel has to risk it all.”
“The time has come to take a stand.”

Two months have past and Gray Weathersby is tired of sitting around, waiting, and giving Frank an advantage. Two months of being in Pike with the Expats and nothing to show for it. Gray and his twin brother Blaine have drifted apart since their emotional reunion. Blaine wasn't there to witness their father’s death or Gray killing his own forgery. Blaine doesn’t life with the guilt knowing that half of Group A’s people died because of the decision he made to enter into an alliance with the Expats. Things are strained between he and Bree since she decided to put herself first. Gray knows that Frank still holds control over the real Emma and all of Claysoot. When Gray, Bree and the others are invited to a meeting with Vik, the leader of the Expats, and his second in command Adam, one look is all it takes for Gray to realize that something is wrong. Contact with the Rebel headquarters was lost earlier in the day.

It seems that Frank has attacked Cervice Valley without any warning. He either knew the coordinates or just struck the whole mountain range. Gray realizes that if Blaine had stayed behind, his brother would possibly be dead. Furious, Gary wants to know how long they're going to wait around while Frank strikes. Adam tells him that they have been trying to build support for their cause in order to be able to strike on multiple fronts. Gray notices Bree slightly shake her head and he realizes that she agrees with him but for now he needs to be quiet. Elijah and a crew will take a shuttle to the east and immediately survey the damage. Everyone else will meet back in the morning for another meeting. What should have been a night of celebration for Clipper's birthday, is now a night of devastation as he wonders if his mother is still alive.

Clipper is determined to still celebrate his birthday. At first, Gray is non-social but soon realizes that he can be with his friends and still worry about the future. At the bar, everyone including Bree is there. Clipper is happy throwing dates and Gray goes to get a drink. Soon, Jules comes over and starts to make a pass. Gray is having none of it and lets her know that there is only one girl for him. Jules spits back that Bree won't have anything to do with him. She leaves and makes her way over to Blaine. Before too long, they are flirting madly with one another. Sammy comes up and the two of them talk about what they hope their futures will bring. Neither initially mentions the girl of their desires. It's only been a week since either has talked about Emma. Gray realizes that he will always have feelings for Emma, just like he does for his family but his heart lies elsewhere. Sammy says that he should never give up on Bree and Gray lets him know that he doesn't plan on it.

The next morning, Gray sees Blaine freshly showered at the meeting. He never came back last night to his bunk and Gray is pleased that his brother has found someone. Vik tells the assembled group that they haven't received any word from Elijah. Adam busts in and asks if they know yet. Vik asks Gray if his group is still willing to play a part, there is something they can do. Their mission will be to see what the water treatment plant that lies on an island dividing the east from the west hides. Frank has had enough water for years. The heavily fortified plant has to be hiding something else. If Gray accepts, their mission will be to find out what it contains. Bree questions what they think is there in order to go after such a secured building. Seemingly insulted, Adam tells them that a spy has found a way in. Gray sees this as their chance to finally do something but Blaine disagrees, After their argument, Gray realizes that Blaine’s hesitation over doing things has always been an attempt to keep his brother safe. Checking on Bree before they head out, Gray tells her that he is never going to give up on her. She still trusts him but doesn't want anything more. He is not sure that he believes her but then wonders if he is just being insensitive. Giving her some space, Gray realizes that he has made more headway with her than he has in a long time by her reaction.

What will Gray and company discover on their mission? Can the Expats destroy Frank? Why did Frank have Harvey create forgeries? Has Cervice Valley been annihilated? Is the real Emma still alive? Will Gray be able to win back Bree’s heart? Will anyone return to Claysoot? Who makes it out alive?

Shocking twists and turns will have the reader racing to the end of these series. 

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