Tuesday, April 28, 2015

The Replaced by Kimberly Derting (The Taking book 2)

SPOILER ALERT! If you haven’t read the first book in the series, The Taking, Stop! I don’t want to ruin the series for you.

“How do you move forward after someone steals your past?”

It has been seventeen days since Kyra Agnew watched her boyfriend Tyler Wahl, her father and Agent Truman be abducted by the same aliens who took her five years earlier. The experiments/modifications they conducted on Kyra and the other Returned leaves their blood poisonous to humans. The only reason she and the others took Tyler to the Devil’s Hole to be abducted was a last ditch effort to save his life after he was accidentally exposed to Kyra’s blood. Her hope is that the aliens can cure him and be able to find him before the NSA’s Daylighter Division does.

While searching through a classified email that Jett intercepted from the NSA, they are discovered and locked out. Before that happens a popup containing only the word “supernova” is seen. Kyra is positive that it was from her father, a nickname he gave her. Simon and Jett try to convince her that it might be a trap, looking for the Returned. She takes in their looks of pity but is undeterred. The email from the NSA leads the to believe that the NSA might be holding Tyler at their Tacoma facility. Simon thinks that they should check it out even though it is the type of place the Returned should avoid. Kyra knows that Simon has his own reasons for going. She believes that the email is about Tyler because it was signed by Agent Truman, the same agent who disappeared the same night as Tyler and her father. Kyra is haunted by all that she has done and the unanswered questions. Jett knows that the Returned always come back after forty-eight hours. Kyra is the only known exception.

Simon, Jett and Kyra pack the SUV with supplies for their mission to rescue Tyler. Willow is tagging along but doesn’t think that the trip is a good idea. Things really take a weird turn when Natty decides to join them. The group is shocked even more when she and Thom share a tender goodbye. Things really get tense when Thom becomes the sixth man for the mission. He and Simon are able to put aside their differences during the trip. Throughout the drive, Kyra cannot help but wonder what Agent Truman might have in store for her.

Arriving at the Tacoma facility, they divide into two teams. Kyra isn’t happy that she isn’t initially on the team who will rescue Tyler. Plans are changed and Kyra will now be with Simon and Willow. She is floored to find out the plan for Jett’s team was to cause an explosion to draw attention away from their entrance. They make it to the enormous lab and find nothing. Willow goes off to search elsewhere, leaving Kyra and Simon in the main lab. Suddenly, the alarms stop blaring and the lights come back on. Hearing rushing footsteps, the two don’t know which way to run. Thanks to Kyra’s quick thinking and Simon’s steady hands, the two skip into a vent. Simon promises to take care of Kyra. Her worst fears come true when Agent Truman makes his presence known. He sends his best men out in hazmat suits to capture the dangerous teens. Looking behind them, Kyra sees a staircase leading down. They run through the maze of duct work until one of Truman’s agent grabs a hold of her wrist. He looks at her and says “It’s you!” Simon outs off some sort of knockout drug while Kyra holds her breath. The two are able to escape with Willow’s help.

Outside the building looking for the others, the three into Agent Truman again. He isn’t dressed in a hazmat suit like the others and is holding a gun. The trio is stunned when he pulls the trigger and shoots Simon. Willow goes to charge him and he shoots her as well.. Kyra cannot believe neither had blood spilled. Taking awhile to heal themselves, Several of Truman’s soldiers rush forward. They shoot a net at them, trapping Willow. Simon and Kyra run, leaving Willow behind, and meet up with the others.

Are Kyra and the others able to rescue Willow? Why wasn’t Agent Truman protected against Kyra’s blood? What has happened to Tyler? Will Kyra be able to find him? Was the popup message really from her father? Does Kyra’s heart completely belong to Tyler or is Simon worming his way? What is so special about Kyra that Agent Truman will stop at nothing to get her?

This trilogy will be completed in 2016.

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