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Rogue by Julie Kagawa (Talon Saga book 2)

SPOILER ALERT! If you haven't read the first book in the series, Talon, Stop! I don't want to ruin the story for you.

“We fled into the desert, the roar of St. George behind us. The head of a dying dragon resting in my lap.”

Garret Xavier Sebastian is accused of high treason against the Order of St. George. He believed in everything the Order stood for until he met her, Ember Hill. Ember was a sleeper dragon that Talon had planted in Crescent Beach and Garret was sent to destroy. Ember was nothing like he had been led to believe. Instead of following through with the mission, Garret fell in love and helped her and two other dragons escape. Now on trial, no one is shocked when Garret is sentenced to be executed before the firing squad at dawn the following morning.

Talon wants Dante Hill to bring his traitorous sister back into the fold rather than have her terminated. They are providing him with the best possible resources to locate her. He cannot help but wonder why they are so interested in one little hatching going rogue. Mr. Roth, a Vice President of Talon, introduces him to the first member of his team, a hatching only a couple of years older than himself named Mist. Once alone, Mist wants to know what is so special about Ember to bring her back. Dante plays off her questioning by telling her that he cannot give her the reason. Mist takes him into their command center and the two question a couple of humans charged with the task of locating Ember and Cobalt. Not finding any new information about Cobalt's extensive network, Dante asks if they are tracking St. George. They all the look at him like he has gone off the deep end. Dante wants to know where their chapterhouse is. He orders them to quit looking for Cobalt's safe houses and find St. George. Dante believes that his sister's human friend might have been part of the Order. He believes that it is worth a shot. Mist changes the search and asks if Dante knows the human’s name. He does, Garret Xavier Sebastian.

Three days have past since the bottom of Ember's world fell out and she went rogue. She discovered that Garret was as member of the Order and Talon wasn't what she was led to believe. Three days since she last saw Garret or Dante. She and Riley/Cobalt have met up with Wes at a hotel with a crazy, suicidal plan in mind. Ember is determined to rescue Garret and Riley knows that if he doesn't help her, she won't make it out alive. He knows that he might not make it out alive. Fighting his survival instincts and hatred of St. George, Riley knows that he cannot send Ember into a nest of dragon hunters alone.

Against nearly impossible odds and wavering doubt, Ember and Riley manage to free Garret from his cell. The trio makes it outside and are within 400 feet of the perimeter fence when the sirens blare. With no choice, Ember and Riley shift into dragon form. Garret climbs onto Ember’s back and the three take flight with a volley of gunshots behind them. The three are chased across the desert by the Order but come to a crash landing when Wes sees them and stops the van. Riley shifts back and Garret recovers but Ember lies motionless on the ground. Riley realizes that she has been shot and asks Wes to help get her into the back of the van. Garret offers his assistance and the three of them place Ember’s prone dragon body into the cargo area.With Ember’s head cradled in Garret’s lap, much to Riley’s dismay, the van speeds across the desert, leaving the Oder behind.

What is so special about Ember that Talon wants her back? How seriously has she been injured in their escape? Why did Riley/Cobalt go rogue? What was his job with Talon? Can Dante find his sister and convince her to return to Talon or will she be able to persuade her brother to go rogue? How did Riley and Wes hook up? Can Riley and Garret put aside their differences for Ember? Will the four of them be able to hide from both Talon and the Order? What happens when they are betrayed?

Book three in the Talon Saga is Soldier.

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