Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The Fill-In Boyfriend by Kasie West

Bradley, Gia Montgomery’s boyfriend of the past two months, breaks up with her in the parking lot just before her senior prom. She was desperate to show up with him on her arm to prove to her friends, including a vengeful Jules, that she hadn’t been lying. Bradley knows that Gia is probably just using him. He drives off, leaving Gia behind. Leaning against the tailgate of a truck, Gia catches the eye of a boy sitting in a car across from her. He quickly looks down and begins reading a book. She realizes that he was dropping off the couple who saw her attempts to keep Bradley from leaving. Gia assesses the guy as she walks over to the car door and decides that he will have to do, even though he doesn’t seem her type. He tells her that his family just moved to the area. He dropped off his sister but he is finishing out the school year at his old school. Gia announces that he will be her date but he wil need to go home first to make himself presentable. He tries to decline but Gia tells him her sob story and begs. He agrees and drives off, leaving Gia once again standing in the parking lot. Initially, she wonders if he promised to be back as a way to get away from her. After about fifteen minutes, Gia realizes that she may have to confess the truth to her friends, fearing that they won’t believe her. As she gets ready to walk in by herself, Gia’s fill-in boyfriend comes back and she is pleasantly surprised by how well he has cleaned up.

Gia fills him in on her and Bradley’s back story so as to convince her friends that he is the real deal. Once inside, the two head towards Gia’s circle of friends and Jules drops her jaw. She introduces him as Bradley. As they head towards the dance floor, Gia feels a bit guilty. Placing her head against his chest, she apologizes for not knowing his real name. While dancing, he asks Gia about her friends. She tells him about how Jules wants to turn their friends against her but she isn’t evil enough to treat Jules as badly as she does Gia. The slow song ends without Gia discovering his name. The reason he gives is so that she doesn’t accidentally slip and call him by the wrong name. She compliments him on his acting and dancing skills but they are interrupting before he can tell Gia why he agreed to be her date for the evening.

Sitting at a table with her friends, Gia notices the fake Bradley’s sister coming towards them. He goes to smooth things over with her while Jules asks Gia what is going on. Walking off, Gia heads towards the quickly escalating situation. His sister Bec is furious over a self-serving Gia using him. Gia tries to explain but Bec isn’t having it. Even though she is new to the school, Bec knows Gia but Gia doesn’t recognize her. Gia turns to go tell her friends the truth. Before she can get the words out, fill-in Bradley turns the conversation into an apology for the way his ex-girlfriend was acting. Soon, his voice is rising as he pleads with Gia. Trying to keep a straight face, Gia quietly asks him to stop but he launches into breaking up with her. Fill-in Bradley leaves with his sister scurrying behind him. Gia’s friends comfort her but she doesn’t bad mouth the fake Bradley. Gia cannot help but notice Jules watching Bradley leave. She knows that her frenemy is up to no good.

Once Gia goes home, she finds herself thinking of the boy who just spent his evening with her. She doesn’t know his name and the only way she can get in touch with him is through a girl who hates her guts. After thinking about him all weekend, Monday morning and school rolls around. Jules wants to send Bradley a few messages on some social networks but she cannot remember his name. She won’t let up and Gia snaps. She threatens to take all of their mutual friends away from her. Jules tells her “game on.” Sitting down in government class, the teacher announces a pop quiz. Groaning, Gia’s day goes from bad to worse when Bec turns around from the seat directly in front of her, looking nothing like she did at prom.

Who is fill-in Bradley? Why did he decide to pose as Gia’s boyfriend? What has Gia done to Bec to make her hate her? What happens when Gia’s deceit is discovered? Why does Jules act the way she does towards Gia? Can Gia find fill-in Bradley and admit her feeling for him? Will Bec help Gia where her brother is concerned?

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