Monday, May 4, 2015

The Heir by Kiera Cass (The Selection book 4)

SPOILER ALERT! If you haven’t read the first three books in The Selection series, Stop! I don’t want to ruin the story for you.

“35 Suitors. 1 Princess. A new Selection has begun.”

MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD!!!! It has been twenty years since Prince Maxon Schreave chose America Singer to be his wife during his Selection. Now it is their daughter’s turn. Born seven minutes before her twin brother Ahren, her parents’ changed the succession rules to allow Princess Eadlyn, their firstborn, to become queen. When King Maxon first decreed that the caste system be abolished, the citizens rejoiced. Now, the citizens of Illea are rioting and Maxon nor Eadlyn know how to bring back harmony. When her mother suggests that Eadlyn hold her own Selection as a way to rally the country, she is horrified. Scared, she confides in Ahren on how she feels. He suggests that she work out some reassurances with her father. In discussing her own Selection with her father, Eadlyn wants a guarantee that she can have an out if she doesn't find anyone. She also asks if any boy can leave of his own free will and her father assures her that they can. He gently reminds her that as heir to the throne, marriage and a heir are a part of her ruling responsibilities. She promises that she will continue the Selection for three months. Her father believes that she will find her mate during the process. Eadlyn is not ready for thirty-five guys to invade her space. She is ready to find a way to make sure none of them want to stay.

It turns out, Eadlyn is a bit self absorbed. A young princess with the future weight of Illea on her shoulders, she likes to goes off alone to regroup. Preoccupied by only herself, she misses what is really going on with the people around her. Eadlyn cannot stand the Woodwick children who just happen to live on the same floor as the royal family. Josie, a few years younger, annoys her and her older brother Kile, is a bookworm that Eadlyn finds boring. King Maxon allows Eadlyn a luxury he didn’t have, she gets to choose the names of the Selected. She draws one envelope from each district and saves them to be opened during the Report. Opening the envelope from her home district of Angeles last, everyone in the palace is stunned when she opens the envelope and reads Kile Woodwick’s name. Once they are off the air, tensions soon rise. Kile claims that he didn’t enter his name. Eadlyn is furious and Kile tells her to choose another name. General Leger says that she can’t since the name was read on live television. Kile tells Eadlyn to eliminate him on the first day. She asks where does he plan on going since he will already be home. Kile offers to be sent away but his mother is adamant that he stay. Eadlyn is floored that he wants to leave, asking if the palace isn’t good enough for him. He retorts that it isn’t his and he is tired of her bratty attitude. King Maxon states that Kile is just one of several options and they should just go ahead to dinner. Eadlyn retreats to her room.

When the Selected arrive, Eadlyn meets each one individually. Several make either a really good or really bad impression. It is decided to hold a parade to unveil the boys to the public. Everything is going well until just before the end of the parade route. Eadlyn is hit with rotten food. The protesters on the route are demanding better jobs and saying the caste system still exists. She and the Selected are rushed back to the palace.Embarrassed,  Eadlyn runs to her room and cries on her maid’s shoulder. She doesn’t understand why everyone hates her. The Selection isn’t turning out as they expected it to. Ahren comforts her but lets Eadlyn know that she is seen as very aloof in the press. In an attempt to get some good press, Eadlyn decides to eliminate some of the boys. She keeps Kile because his mother wants him to stay around. The way she goes about it only further cements her distant demeanor with the public. Eadlyn is now in damage control mode but finds that some of the Selected might actually be worth knowing.

Can Eadlyn change her self-centered ways? Will Kile stay for the Selection or will he leave of his own free will? If he didn’t enter his own name, who did? Can the people of Illea move past the caste system? Does Eadlyn run off most of the boys chosen to participate? How will Eadlyn change the public’s perceived notion of her? Can she change her own perception of herself? Will any of the Selected capture Eadlyn’s cold heart? What happens when Eadlyn realizes the Selection is such a bad idea after all?

Eadlyn’s story will be wrapped up with book five of The Selection series in 2016.  Fans of the series will love seeing how their favorite characters from America’s Selection have grown over the past twenty years.

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