Monday, May 17, 2010

The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks by E. Lockhart

Frances Rose Landau-Banks is a student at Alabaster Preparatory Academy, a highly competitive boarding school where graduates usually go on to schools in the Ivy League. At the age of fourteen and a member of the freshamn class, Frankie was a scrawny, awkward child who was a member of the Debate Club and was still called "Bunny Rabbit" by her parents. She tagged around school sometimes with her sister Zada, a senior and had a boyfriend Porter Welsch, a member of the Spy Club. That is until she caught Porter folling around with a junior.

The summer before Frankie's sophomore year, she gains twenty pounds and grow four inches. She goes from gangly to filling out her figure and how has a look that boys find distinctly appealing. While on vacation at the Jersey shore, Frankie meets a sandy-haired boy of about seventeen who asks her for her frozen custard and he finds out that she goes to Alabaster. That brief encounter comes into play later on.

At the beginning of her sophomore year, Frankie misses her sister, avoids Porter Welsch, worries about her geometry class and starts to pine for older and unattainable boys. Namely Matthew Livingston who she has the very fortunate circumstance of meeting on the second day of school. Having met Matthew a couple of times while hanging out with her sister, he tells her that he has never met her before. His friends say the same thing about her including Matthew's best friend, Alpha, who incidently is the sme sandy-haired boy she met at the shore just two weeks earlier. None the less, Frankie is thrilled when Matthew and his friends plan a party just so he can go out with her without actually having to ask her out.

Frankie soon realizes that Matthew treats her as if she is not as smart as he is, acts like she is his property and tells her lies. And then her ex-boyfriend Porter reenters the picture. He attempts to warn Frankie about Matthew; that he is older, more experienced and that Frankie has really blossomed since last spring. He just wants to keep her from getting in over her head. Frankie doesn't take the attitudes of everyone too lightly and something inside her begins to change. When Frankie begins to trail Matthew to see what he is up to, she discovers the resurrgence of the Bassett Hounds, a boys-only club. What happenes when Frankie discovers their secrets and begins to anonymously pull their strings? Trouble and mayhem ensues.

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