Thursday, May 20, 2010

Vampire Kisses 7 : Love Bites by Ellen Schreiber

"I hope I find her soon, too, Raven. I'm starved to death"- Sebastian Camden

SPOILER ALERT! This is the seventh book in the series. Do not read any further if I don't want the story spoiled.

Now that the Sterlings have returned to Romania, Raven and Alexander are now alone to carry on their romance. That is until a new visitor arrives, Sebastian Camden, who turns out to be Alexander's best friend. Raven sees this as an opportunity to learn more Alexander while Sebastian is in town to see what or who Aleaxander has decided to remain in Dullesville for. Sebastian is on the lookout for his one true soulmate. But what happens when Sebastian thinks his true love is Becky, Raven's best friend and the steady girlfriend of Matt?
Raven really likes Sebastian and wants him to stay around in Dullesville. She sets him up with Onyx and Scarlet from the Coffin Club but once again thiongs are turned upside down when some unexpected visitors show up.

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