Monday, May 10, 2010

Ironside : a modern faery's tale by Holly Black

SPOILER ALERT! Ironside is the sequel to Tithe. Please do not read any further if you do not want the story ending ruined for you.

Two months have passed since the ending of Tithe. It is Midwinter's Eve and Roiben is assuming the title of Unseelie King. A formal coronation can only occur on the darkest day of winter and the fey folk have gathered to witness and swear fealty to Lord Roiben. But it is also a dangerous time in the Court and the war with the Seelie Court is expected to soon resume. Kaye Fierch, a changling faerie, still lives between the faerie and the human world. Roiben has asked Kaye not to swear fealty to him or be a part of his court. Kaye, feeling down on herself, has too much wine to drink at the coronation and is tricked into making a declaration of love to Roiben. Kaye is given the impossible task to find a faery that cannot tell a lie. If successful, she will sit beside Roiben as his consort.

Kaye is not allowed to see Roiben again until she fulfills he requirements of her quest. So she returns to Ironside, the mortal world, and her human life. She and Corny head to New York City to visit Kye's mother Ellen and see her new band perform. While Ellen is setting up, Kaye and Corny head to a coffee shop where a girl catches Kaye's eye and leaves her a note. The note states that the Queen would like to see her and the Fixer knows the way along with his pager number. When they reach the club, Corny notices a faery man looking at Kaye and takes him into the bathroom. A fight ensues and Corny realizes the faery is there for Kaye; the Queen of the Seelie Court is looking for her. The faery in turn curses Corny. In the meantime, Silarial and the Seelie Court have attacked the Unseelie Court of Roiben.

After the fiasco at the bar, Kaye and Corny head back to the apartment where Kaye tries to use her magic to remove Corny's curse. The failed attempt leaves her weakened and unable to fully disguise herself when her mother returns home. Kaye tells her mother that she is a changling and her child is with the faeries. She promises Ellen to return her human child to her. Kaye and Corny call the Fixer in hopes that he can remove Corny's curse. When they meet him, it is Luis, who is first introduced in the book Valiant. Luis takes Kaye to meet with Silarial. The Seelie Queen hopes that Kaye will order Roiben to turn over the Unseelie Court to her and become her consort since he fulfilled her quest. Can Kaye, Corny and Luis help Roiben from losing not only the Unseelie Court but his life as well? And can Kaye fulfill Roiben's quest? Another spectacular book from Black that will satistfy the reader.

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